Terms and Conditions

Generally, full payment is required to secure booking.  All cancellations will incur a minimum $50 cancellation fee unless stay is transferred to alternate dates.  For bookings during winter or summer holiday periods, cancellations with less than 30 day notice will result in forfeit of all monies paid.  For winter and summer holiday bookings, transferring dates will be at management discretion.  If management declines to transfer the booking it will be considered a cancellation and the cancellation terms will apply.

If the number of persons staying exceeds the number of persons booked and paid for, additional charges will apply and will be charged without further discussion with guests.  If the room sleeps the actual number of guests, the total tariff will be adjusted based on the going standard nightly rate for that room and configuration and any difference will be charged to the guest. Exceeding the number of guests booked will be considered a breach of terms and any special rates will be forfeited and the rate will revert to the standard rate and any difference charged to the guest.  If the number of persons staying is more than the room sleeps, guests may be asked to leave the premises and a nightly rate for additional guests will apply.

Guests must be courteous to staff and other guests, behave in a suitable manner and respect all property.  If a guest is asked to leave the premises no refund will be given.

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