Eco Credentials

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Run by the same team behind Eco-certified Alpine Habitats, Habitat Chalet takes protection of the environment seriously.

All sewerage runs into worm farm waste management systems – this provides the benefit of composting with the luxury of flushing loos.  We also use these to dispose of nearly all of our biodegradable waste.  We ask guests to participate by sorting all waste and we transfer recyclables and non-biodegradable waste to the council depot.

Our water is collected from rain then filtered and UV treated to ensure the highest quality.

Fully renovated in 2007, only the most efficient appliances, fixtures and fittings were installed.  This minimises power and water consumption in the chalet.

Our cooking, some heating and all hot water uses LPG gas to minimise electricity consumption.  The continuous gas water heaters only heat on demand, not wasting energy on keeping a tank of water hot.

Our linen is all laundered off site, limiting water consumption but also reducing the volume of waste water that we have to dispose of.

Visual impact of the chalet buildings is kept to a minimum with use of recessive colours and building forms that blend into the woodland environment.

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