Habitat Chalet Weather

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The weather at Chalet Habitat ranges vastly throughout the year.

In summer it can be hot but it is rare if the nights are not cool and crisp. It can also be quite cold so you need to pack for all seasons.

In autumn, we typically have clear sunny days with little wind but it can be freezing at night with big frosts in the morning.

Spring can be windy and we can experience snow at any time of year including mid-summer.

During winter, snow often falls at here, less often settling on the ground.  When it does settle, it is usually gone in a day or two except in shady patches where it might hang around for longer.  It is rare to have any issues with snow interfering with access to us but if you are at all concerned give us a call.

It can get VERY windy here at any time of year with gust exceeding 100km per hour! but that is not the norm.

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